UDI’s Gluten Free Bread 30 Ounce Loaf

UDI’s Gluten Free Bread is designed specifically for those who cannot tolerate gluten. There is no need to toast the bread, you can go ahead and eat straight from the bag. Udi’s makes delicious products that will fill your stomach and warm soul. The whole grain bread is gluten free, wheat, dairy, soy &nut free.



Water, tapioca starch, brown rice, flour, canola oil, egg whites, potato starch, dried cane syrup, tapioca malttodextrin, tapioca syrup, Moodified food starch, yeast, flax seed, sugarcane, fiber,salt, gum, amaranth floor, sorghum flour, teff flour, locust bean gum, cultured brown rice, brown rice and enzymes.

Nutrition facts:

Per serving size 2 slices (78g) contains 220 calories,60 from fat, 6 total fat, 2g dietary fiber(8% DV), 4g sugars, 450mg sodium and 6g protein.

Costco  UDI’s Gluten Free Bread 30 Ounce Loaf  Price:  $7.59

Costco item#: 781092

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