TNT Showcase Fireworks Assortment

Besides TNT Rising Lights Fireworks Assortment, Costco also carries TNT Showcase Fireworks Assortment which is a bigger collection than Rising Lights Fireworks. The box contains 52 pieces of fireworks including 51 fountains and 1 punk. You will enjoy more with this TNT Showcase Fireworks Assortment.


Celebrate safely and responsibly:

  • Observe local fireworks laws
  • Use good common sense and read all caution labels
  • Have am adult present when fireworks are used
  • Never try to relight a firework that doesn’t ignite
  • Never throw fireworks or point them at other people
  • Use fireworks outdoor only

Costco TNT Showcase Fireworks Assortment Price: $129.99

Costco item#: 595622

There is another collection of fireworks assortment selling at Costco now: TNT Fireworks National of Freedom Fireworks Assortment. It contains 49 pieces including 44 fountains and 5 punks. Costco has this collection selling at $69.99 with Costco item#: 1039047

Inventory and pricing may vary at your warehouse location and are subject to change.