Tiger Tail Exercise Roller 2-Pack

Tiger Tail Exercise Roller can be used on all muscle groups to accelerate muscle recovery or just help your body relax. It is perfect tools to help you soothe sore and tight muscles from: exercising, yard working, walking, weight training, jogging, professional gaming, running, office work, hiking, sitting too long, bicycling and many more…


By adjusting the pressure applied, you can easily change the massage from shallow to deep. Also, you and a friend can help massage each other in hard to reach spots. In addition, the portable design makes it easy to take the Tiger Tail on the go with you

Other features:

  • Target pressure points
  • Smooth rolling surface
  • Relieve sore muscles
  • Consistent pressure distribution
  • Soothe stress & tension
  • Saves hands from fatigue

Costco Tiger Tail Exercise Roller 2-Pack Price: $39.99

Costco Item#1157132

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