Therapure Tower Air Purifier with Air Sensor, Model# TPP640S

Updated on 2/13/2017. Costco offers $25 off on this item, dropping the price to $74.99. The price is valid from February 16, 2017 through March 12, 2017Costco February’s Coupon Book.

Check out Therapure Tower Air Purifier with Air Sensor, Model# TPP640S at Costco. This is the newest model by Therapure, it can help clean up to 300 sq ft room. Therapure Tower Air Purifier is a five stage air purifier. It includes:

  1. Cleanable pre-filter helps capture large particles like hair & lint,
  2. Clearnable HEP-Type filiter helps remove airborne particles as small as 1 microns.
  3. Powerful UV-C light helps reduce germs, bacteria, cold & flu and other harmful airborne viruses
  4. The photo catalyst filter helps reduce harmful chemicals in the air that cause toxic fumes.
  5. Powerful fans with ION boost to push clean, purified air back into the room.


Manufacturer claims its exclusive hemispheric filter provides 20% more filtering capacity as compared to a standard flat fitter of the same size.

Features include:

  • Lowe power consumption
  • Built-in night mode
  • 3 fan speeds & 24-hour timer
  • No filter to replace
  • 5 stage air purifier
  • 24 hour timer/ energy star
  • Air sensor with auto mode
  • Remote with batteries
  • CADR Certified Ratings: P-155 D-130 S-128

Costco Therapure Tower Air Purifier with Air Sensor Price:  $99.99

Costco item#: 2653790

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