Tassos Pitted Kalamata Olive 52.9 Ounce Jar

Updated on 6/29/2022 Costco has this item with a new price at $6.69.

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This Tassos Pitted Kalamata Olive comes straight from Kalamata, Greece to provide you with an authentic flavor. The olives are low in salt and preserved in red wine vinegar and extra-virgin olive oil. Plus, they’re pitted for simple enjoyment. Gluten free.


Nutrition facts:

Per serving size (2 Olive, 15g) contains 35 calories. 2.2 g total fat, 0.3g saturated fat and 115mg sodium.

Costco Tassos Pitted Kalamata Olive 52.9 Ounce Jar Price: $6.99

Costco Item# 1238094

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