Sunbeam 3 Pack LED Power Failure Night Light, Model# 30310738

Save yourself a stumble in a dark room with this 3 pack of convenient power failure night lights. Each LED night light is equipped with built-in photo and motion sensors to ensure a fully automated experience that suits your needs, even when the power goes out. In night light mode, you can enable the motion sensor to be solely motion activated or you can disable the motion sensor to maintain a dim light when the ambient light is low.


Made in China, Sunbeam LED Power Failure Night Light is for indoor use only. The package includes 3 pack of the lights and Costco has it selling at $26.99

Features include:

  • 12 colors or single color
  • Flashlight mode
  • Night light mode
  • Auto Dimming option
  • Auto Dusk to dawn sensor
  • Built in USB port

Costco Sunbeam 3 Pack LED Power Failure Night Light Model# 30310738 Price: $26.99

Costco Item# 1193772

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