Special Event Objecto Hybrid Tower Humidifier W9

Costco has a special event for Objecto Hybrid Tower Humidifier W9 now. This Tower Humidify humidifies up to 800 SQ FT. It uses Hybrid technology for a better environment. Heats water to ensure bacteria is killed and with the use of ultrasonic technology, a safe mist is created.


This W9 embodies an urban smartness and unequivocal confidence. The remote allows easy control from any angle and when not in use is stored in a well hidden niche in the back. The timer mode is a further convenience for the customer.

Additional features:

  • Antibacterial tank
  • Whisper quiet
  • Auto shut off
  • No filters required
  • Remote control

Costco Special Event Objecto Hybrid Tower Humidifier W9 Price: $149.99

Costco Item#1198190

Inventory and pricing may vary at your warehouse location and are subject to change.