Scott Burke 10’6″ Foam Supyak

The 10’6 Paddle Board, with its compression molded ABS deck is an all-new SUP concept from Scott Burke Surf and it’s about as durable as they come! Although best suited for flat water conditions, it can also be used in calm surf conditions. It has an EPS core with 2 layers of fiberglass coated with epoxy resin, then compressed into a hard-shell finish. It’s exclusively available at select Costco locations!


Its recessed deck features sleek contours and plenty of traction area for all riders. Its rounded rails make for smooth navigation while the bungee straps allow a place to attach your gear while not in use. A center inset handle allows you a comfortable spot to grab onto the large board when carrying down to the beach.

Key features:

  • High Quality Epoxy Composite Board Design
  • Adjustable Hybrid Paddle with Blade Shield
  • Universal Camera Mount to Capture your Adventure
  • Board Bag with SB Logo to Keep Your Board Looking Brand New
  • Nose Bungee Storage System to Keep Your Items Secure on Your Adventure

Costco Scott Burke 10’6″ Foam Supyak Price: $439.99

Costco Item#2622201

Inventory and pricing may vary at your warehouse location and are subject to change.