Rabbit Electric Wine Opener 8 Piece Set, Model#5281028

Updated on 09/30/2021. Costco offers $10 off on this item, dropping the price to $19.99; price is valid from Sep. 29 – Oct. 24, 2021.

Pouring, serving and preserving wine is easier than ever with this electric set from Rabbit. Like an in-house sommelier, it’s equipped with tools to open wine, aerate and pour it without dripping, then stop and preserve it for lasting freshness. The base recharges the electric corkscrew when not in use.


This Rabbit Electric Wine Opener 8 Piece Set includes:

  • Electric Corkscrew
  • Aerator / Pourer
  • Preserver +2 Stoppers
  • Foil Cutter
  • Drip collar
  • Charging base

Key features:

  • Rechargeable corkscrew opens 30 bottles of wine on single charge.
  • Preserver and stoppers keep wine fresh.
  • Made of stainless steel, silicone and plastic.
  • Works with All cork Types

Costco Rabbit Electric Wine Opener 8 Piece Set Price: $29.99

Costco Item#4163384

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