Proshade 10′ x 10′ Folding Canopy

Updated on 3/30/2018. Costco has this item with a new Costco Item#1500302. The price is the same as before.

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Proshade 10′ x 10′ Folding Canopy can be easily setup to provide a stable shade and shelter for a sporting event, a beach day, a summer picnic, backyard party, and much more.


Proshade 10′ x 10′ Folding Canopy has easy-to-remove zippered sidewalls for open-air exhibits.

Product Features:

  • 600 denier heavy duty, polyester top is UV protected
  • Includes 4 easy-to-install side panels
  • Ground stakes included
  • Exclusive dual truss
  • Peak design for extra space.
  • Height adjustable legs
  • Powder-coated aluminum frame
  • Compact and fits in most automobile trunks
  • Includes heavy-duty roller bag for easy transport
  • Full assembled frame, set up in minutes
  • Measurements: Canopy height can be adjusted from 7.2 ft/2.2m to 10.7 ft/3.2m

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Costco Proshade 10′ x 10′ Folding Canopy Price: $199.99

Costco Item#: 966761

Inventory and pricing may vary at your warehouse location and are subject to change.



  1. Hi,

    I am looking to buy some spare parts from someone if available. I need nuts, outer truss #2, and items from the outer truss hardware pack (turning blocks, locking nut and washer).

    I’m in the northern CA area, please let me know if you have spares.

  2. Is the canopy waterproof? I bought one just under a year ago and have used it about 8 times. We love it, easy to put up, looks good, great walls with the full velcro attachment etc. Last weekend after we had put it up, it started to rain and the canopy leaked like a sieve! I rang Costco, where I bought it from and they said they thought it was just a shade shelter, not a rain shelter! For the price one would think it was waterproof!

    Can anybody tell me if it is waterproof or not please? I live in Australia, so calling the manufacturers is not an option, I’ve emailed them but not sure when I can expect a reply.

  3. There is a warantay depth u call for parts

  4. Hello,
    Bought ProShade Professional at Costco. Need new Leg/extension. The one I need is where the Velcro is attached, the top post. Can you help?

  5. Does anyone have the centre bars that make the top of the canopy, as well as 4-5 of the crossing bars that make the perimeter of the tent?

    • Hello Ramneek,

      I have the top bars you are looking for, the side truss bars are 3 different lengths, I have the long and short ones but no mediums trusses, you can reach me at

  6. Does anyone have the silver pieces that are on the outside of the tent that holds the top down?


  7. Does anyone have 2 upper leg pieces for sale? I would even take 2 whole legs if available. I have had mine for 5 years & just recently had 2 upper legs to bend right below where they lock in place

  8. So funny story, first a big Thanks to Russ for shipping me the parts needed. Excellent service Russ. Now on to the moment you have been waiting for….i contacted customer service before coming onto this thread.

    Subject: Re: Proshade Customer Service




    Thank you for responding back to me. At this time, I am dropping my claim. The foot pad was the least of my problem with this tent. I had 2 scissor arms that snapped at its intersection with a bolt caused by wind. I bought repair pieces from a person parting out their tent because of the same reasons I will mention below.

    I appreciate the warranty process that you have in place. But the lack of not being able to purchase replacement parts for items npt covered is completely ridiculous. I own 2 of these tents and I had my fire department purchase the one that broke. I felt that the tent was a well made. This product is not cheap and I am sure your company is proud of producing a great product. Its just crazy to spend $200 on an item that is considered disposable because I cant buy a single piece that breaks and is not covered by warranty. I promise, that I will never buy your product again. I will spend $40-$80 on a tent that I wont feel so bad throwing away cause it broke.

    Bill Scott

    Heres their reply:

    Hello Bill,

    My apology for the inconvenience. Members actually can purchase replacement parts from The website is temporarily offline for maintenance but will be back online before the end of April. I can inform you as soon as the website is back online. And for any items under our two years warranty, we will always be happy to provide any components you need for free.

    Please let me know if you have any question.  

    Thank you
    Derek Zhou
    Trigon LLC

    • That’s just too funny…..I still have parts left to sell

  9. Im looking for 1 plastic foot for bottom of leg and 2 40″ scissor frame arms still bolted together

    • Got ya covered Bill, it’s in the mail on Monday….. : )

  10. WOW! This is ridiculous what everyone has to go through to get parts. Cosco should be embarrassed! I need the frame bolt and nuts and can’t find them anywhere. Called the support line and they ONLY do warranty replacements. VERY SAD state of business and lack of customer service!

    • Hello Jim,

      Send a pic of what you need replaced if you have some of them to the email below, I have lots of parts Russ S.

  11. Hello Everyone,

    I sold a lot of parts last year fr this tent, still have a bunch left so if you need a part let me know at and we can work on getting it to you, thanks Russ S.

    Parts I have:
    leg ssembly
    truss’s ( inner or outter ) piece or whole ( 6 piece )
    canopy top
    zipper side walls
    name banner

      • Hello,

        Yes I have a leg assembly for sale, please contact me at to make arrangemnets, thanks Russ S.

    • Hello Russ,

      Do you still have truss parts available? I am looking to replace two broken parts of the truss.


      • Hello Leticia,

        Yes I have all three truss’s left that are used in the side truss assembly ( long, medium, short ) I also have the inner truss parts that attach to the top of the canopy. Please cont me at to discuss the parts you need…..

    • Hello Russ,

      Do you still have truss parts available?

  12. Hello i am looking for the canopy cover and the parts to connect it.

    • I still have a canopy parts but it’s in storage, I am getting it out on Saturday, have other people asking for parts too, I will look and let you know Saturday afternoon what I have left if that’s okay? …….Russ S.

    • I have the canopy cover for sure. Will double check I have all connecting parts. Email me back at for quicker communication

  13. Looking for the “name banner” if you still have one. Thanks

    • Sorry sold it, have some upper middle truss’s left and a bag….Russ S.

    • Hello Glenn,

      I do have a name banner if you are still interested, please reply to thanks Russ S.

  14. How much do you want for it and what state do you live in love


    • hello JD Dennie,

      $125 never used, It would be shipped from Kentucky, to send it west would cost a bit, if interested please email me at

  15. You show a por shade tent #966761 for $199.99 but i dont think you have it can you let me know. it has been on your web site for a long time.

    jb dennie

    • I think they went to selling a different tent a while back, I have a brand new one if you really want one, could work out a deal, not sure how much it would be to ship….Russ

  16. Russ, I’m interested in a truss set, do you still have one? I’m in Hawaii

    thanks, Drew

  17. Sorry but sold all the legs, still have some truss’e left and the top

    • Hi Russ,
      I would like to buy the top of you still have it available. Please let me know 🙂 My email is Mine got blown over and the top has a big rip.

  18. Is anyone still looking for legs? I may just part mine out (everything but the one broken outer leg)

    • I need 1 leg!

      • I’ll go ahead and part it out. Andrew and Rob – Email me at and we can discuss price/shipping. If you two both buy a leg, that leaves me with 1 full leg and 1 inner leg, plus the rest of the truss assembly

      • I’ll go ahead and part it out. Andrew and Rob – Email me at and we can discuss price/shipping. If you two both buy a leg, that leaves me with 1 full leg and 1 inner leg, plus the rest of the truss assembly

        • do you still have the leg.

    • I’d be interested in both parts of the leg (inner and outer) if you part it out. Portland, OR area.

      • I’ll go ahead and part it out. Andrew and Rob – Email me at and we can discuss price/shipping. If you two both buy a leg, that leaves me with 1 full leg and 1 inner leg, plus the rest of the truss assembly

        • Do u have canopy cover

  19. I have this canopy with one broken outer leg (the top part of the leg that the inner leg slides into. I’d be interested in buying a replacement leg, or parting it out if there are buyers interested. email me at if you have a leg to sell or want to buy parts

  20. Hi Tiffany,

    I have one side truss, and one center truss, sorry no leg parts left…..Russ

  21. I need one upper leg/corner, one side truss, and one center truss. It got windy.

  22. If anyone is interested in parting out their canopy, I need one complete leg

  23. You cannot buy ANY replacement parts, including the top canopy. I would never buy another one of these, or any Proshade product.

  24. I just talked with the company on the phone, they do not sell any replacement parts anywhere for the canopy. They just don’t do it.

    However, if the canopy is still under warranty, two years from purchase, they will replace the whole unit for you. But you have to provide them with an original receipt so they can verify the purchase. I know for sure I don’t have my original receipt.


    • Yeah went thru the same thing with them, who keeps receipts? Anyway did you need a part? Still have some left…..Russ

      • I would just need 2 of the truss bars.

        • Hello Blaine,

          Which tow truss’s? Side truss’s or the top truss. The side truss assembly has 6 truss’s to it, four of the same length and two that are almost one inch shorter that go along the outside of the assemble, would need to know exactly what truss’s you need, and please respond by email, this system takes to long….Russ S………

          • If anyone has one complete leg available, I am interested.

          • Hello,

            I have one but some guy was suppose to buy it 2 weeks ago, never paid for it yet, not really interested in waiting forever, if you want it contact me ……Russ S.

  25. Got an email for someone who needed truss’s, said his were pretty well bent up, but my pc crashed when reading it and when it booted up it was gone, please email me back so we can work it our , $the $ plus shipping is ok, but need an address from you….Russ

  26. If you still need parts, I have side and top truss’s, a really nice cover top, and a really nice carry bag left if anyone needs these items, email me at ( ) and we can work something out, thanks…..Russ S.

    • Russ,
      Do you still have the top. I need a replacement top. How much are you asking?

      • Hello Mike,

        Yes I have a top asking $35 plus shipping, if you are interested please respond to my email, it’s in the above text and we can work out the details….Russ

        • Mike, You still need it? I have a top asking $35 plus shipping, if you are still interested please respond to my email, it’s in the above text and we can work out the details….Russ

  27. Posted response to several people, SJC, Gel, Jesse, and Kelly, not sure why the post do not show up, so if you are still interested on parts, contact me at…………….Russ S.

    • I’m interested

      • Hello Jesse,

        Please contact thru the email in a post above, the posting system here is stopping most of my responses…Russ S.

  28. Thanks!

    • Hello Gil,

      Need an address so I can work out the shipping cost if you are still interested, 4 trusses for $20 total plus the shipping…..Russ S.

  29. Russ, can I purchase 4 truss members from you. Im in Snohomish WA.

    • Hello Gil,

      I have plenty of them. Can you take a snap shot of the truss’s you need and send them to my email,? Russ S.


      • Hi Russ,

        Do you have 6 side bars remaining that are connected between the two legs? The scissor bars? I’m in So.Cal. Basically the frame Part “A”, but just one side.
        – Scott

        • Hi Scott,

          Yes I have a complete side bar or truss as it’s called, I can leave it all connected, send me an email at and we can work out the details….Russ S.

  30. I also broke a leg on the Pro Shade.
    Can I purchase one from you?

    • Hello,

      As of now all the legs have been asked for, still making payment arrangements, if they back out I’ll let you know if you are still interested….Russ S.

      • Okay thanks for the update. Yes, I would be interested if they back out on the purchase of a leg.


        • Hello SJC,
          I have one leg I can send you, $20.00 plus shipping, email me at and we can get it worked out….Russ S,

        • Hello,

          I have one for you, find my email a few post above and we can work out the details….Russ

    • I have a leg (outer and inner). Left that’s for sale if you’re still looking. Email me at if interested

  31. Hello,

    Here is a link to the diagram for the 966761 Proshade from Cosco, copy the picture and indicate or mark the exact part you need on the image and please email it to me ( clreply2013 ) that’s my yahoo id just email it and we can work it out from there, thanks Russ

    • Yes! Still interested in the canopy leg.
      I live in SLC, UT. Let me know when you have the S&H figured out. Thank you, Serg.

      • hello,

        Shipping to salt lake would be roughly $13.26 according to the usps site. If the total of $33.50 is ok with you, send me an email to and we can work out the payment details….Russ

  32. I need parts that hold the truss’s together, four complete set’s ( part D nut the two plastic parts and the bolt ) that are used to hang the side walls on, anyone know where to buy them, or perhaps someone here has some to sell? Thanks Russ S.

  33. I have lost four of the nut ( Item part D in instructions ) along with the bolt and both plastic pieces used to fasten the truss together, the one’s where you unscrew and attach the side walls to. Does anyone know where to get 4 complete replacement parts? Or better yet does anyone have four complete nut set’s they no longer need and would sell? Thanks, Russ S.

    • Side walls are Velcrod on.

      • Hello.
        I hear that (proshade) now sales parts on their website for this tent, just one of the nut’s ( sliver ) for that is $9.99 not sure what the washer and plastic spacer go for or the shipping and handling for that matter.

        I have four of the nuts ( silver with the slot ) with bolts, 2 washers and the plastic spacer, could let ya have em for $12 plus shipping, if you are interested contact me at and we can get it taken care of…….Russ S.

  34. So there I was,looking at 4 pictures that were the total of directions of this thing. No worries,I’ll google things up and make sure I don’t screw things up. Only few things I found were the Costcocouples and this. I read the reviews and such,(keeping in mind the difficulty of locking the upper corners). Okay. Well,I’ve just about got one corner locked in,when I hear a pop behind me. Turn around and there’s the screw and plastic assembly holding the ends of two cross braces on the trusses on the ground. I blinked a couple of times,then a succession of pops from around the thing as the rest of those assemblies started popping off and filling my driveway. Needless to say,within seconds it’s caved on itself. Now after reading some positive comments,all I have to say is maybe I got the one lemon. Though typical for some of the things you get at Costco,they sell something one day,then go to another manufacturer the next. This is one of them it seems. This day and age,if a place doesn’t have a website or even come up in a search,then it’s something to raise an eyebrow over. This one week before my first booth as a vendor. Needless to say,thumbs down. 🙁

    • I broke one of the crossbars this weekend and called the customer service number the person that answered could not tell me how to get a replacement part nor could she direct me to anyone else. Then she informed me that it would not be covered under warranty due to the fact that it broke during setup

      • I have broken canopy leg. Want to sell one of your canopy legs?

  35. I just bought one at Costco, Henrietta, NY… on sale at $109.00. I think it’s a good price. You might want to check out your local Costco as I believe they’re trying to move these to make room for winter items.

  36. I called their customer service since one of my support bars broke this weekend. If i can get proof of purchase from Costco then it is under warranty for two years.

  37. I love mine it just went through a bad wind and rain storm and it was one of only a few that was left standing at the Rib Fest. There was a little bit of leakage but that was because we didn’t get the corners down properly. On my label there is a service number it is: 1-877-730-1583
    Now I am looking for another one for the lady that used mine at the Rib fest as she is so impressed with it. Does anyone know where I can get another one.

    • Costco

    • I bought one yesterday at Costco in Apex, NC

  38. Ours has been great – used in heavy rains with no leaks. Great for shade on hot days. Recently, we broke two trusses from a wind storm so it’s out of service until we find replacement parts. Does anyone know where to source parts for a Proshade Instant Canopy? Nothing comes up on Google!!

  39. I love this canopy, however, at a recent event it was very windy and one of the corner frame legs bent. I would like to purchase just the frame leg. I’m not finding any info on getting replacement parts…help please! !

    • I have EXACTLY the same issue. Where the heck can I purchase spare parts??? It’s like this company doesn’t even exist.

      • Replacement parts for this canopy are not available from the supplier, or the manufacturer, not even the top canopy.

    • DID you fond anything about the replacement parts? I need a new cover

      • Hi Kelly,

        I have a used cover in really great shape I will sell! ….Russ S.

      • Do you still need a replacement cover? I have one….Russ S.

      • Are you still looking for a top cover for your tent I have one I could sell

    • I have the same issue, broken canopy leg. Want to sell one of your canopy legs?

    • Hello,

      After weeks of trying to find the parts I needed with no lucl, I decided to part mine out, you can contact me here if you still need the part, we can work something out….Russ S.

      • I need the top part of the leg

        • Hello,

          Are you need just the top black housing structure, or the entire top portion of the leg minus the inner lower part?….Russ

          • I need the part of the outer part of the leg that houses the inter patt of the leg that rests on the floor.

          • Hello,

            As of now all the legs have been asked for, still making payment arrangements, if they back out I’ll let you know if you are still interested….Russ S.

      • I need a lower leg, you still parting it out?

        • Hello,
          Yes still parting it out, you said you need a lower leg, Selling the leg as a whole $20 plus shipping, not sure of the shipping amount as yet, let me know if you still want it…Russ

      • Are you still selling canopy parts? Do you still have a canopy leg I can purchase from you?
        Thank you, Serg I.

        • Hello,

          Yes still parting it out, selling the whole leg for $20.00 plus the shipping, not sure of the cost for shipping yet, let me know if still interested, you can find my email to yahoo in a posting here already….Russ

      • Russ, can I buy 4 of the side 3 foot steel members?

        • Hello,

          Sure thing, find my email below and we can work out the details…….Russ S.

      • I need a replacement leg! Want to sell me one?

    • I’m getting ready to show at my first art fair. Where on the leg did yours bend? I was thinking of reinforcing the lower portion of the leg with an “angle channel” but my contractor friend thinks the weak part is at the connection of the 2 halves.

    • 1-877-730-1583

    • 1-877-730-1583 for parts

    • Proshade number is on label on canopy.i believe it has a1 year warranty.

  40. I love mine I sometimes forget it’s even raining

  41. Horrible to set up. Canopy is nearly impossible to lock in. I am returning mine ASAP! If you get this, you must have powerful upper body otherwise forget it. I am a woman but not a wimp and I cannot lock it. Even the men at the market have a hard time with it.

    • And the first rain it leaked!!!

      • Can someone sell me some of the cross members?
        Please email me at Only broke one. But would like a few if someone has them.

          • Hello, hope all is well with you.

            Do you still have parts of the canopy? I am interested in 2 nuts & 4 legs of the frame. Please let me know.


    • where are you located I may be interested in purchasing from you

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