Polder 7 Piece Kitchen Brush and Sink Set

Polder’s 7-piece Kitchen Brush and Sink Set includes essential cleaning tools for the kitchen sink. It includes:

  • Soap dispensing scouring sponge
  • Replacement sponge head
  • Soap dispensing scrub brush
  • Replacement brush head
  • Soap dispensing palm brush
  • Pop-up sink strainer and stopper
  • Bottle brush


Products features:

  • Soap dispensing scouring sponge with replacement sponge head & Soap dispensing scrub brush with replacement brush head

Includes comfort grip handle, refillable soap reservoir and textured scouring sponge.  Simply dispense soap with the push of a button.

  • Pop-Up Sink Strainer & Stopper with 100% silicone and stainless steel construction.  10.9 cm (4.3-inch) diameter fits standard sink openings.  Simply push down to drain and push up to stop water flow.
  • Soap dispensing palm brush includes comfort grip design, refillable soap reservoir and durable, soft cleaning bristles.
  • Bottle brush with comfort grip handle and durable cleaning bristles is designed to reach deep inside glasses or bottles for thorough cleaning.

Costco Polder 7 Piece Kitchen Brush and Sink Set Price: $19.99

Costco Item#1050071

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