PARM Crisps Ranch Snack Mix 20 Ounce Bag

Parm Crisps Ranch Snack Mix is a crunchy snack made with almonds, cashews, pistachios and Parm Crisps, containing 100% cheese, micro-ParmCrisps blended with premium nuts and topped with Ranch seasoning. This gluten-free snack is sugar-free with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.


About the product:

  • Keto-friendly
  • Oven-baked
  • Excellent source of calcium
  • Lactose-free
  • No fillers like corn, wheat or flour

Nutrition facts:

Per serving size 1/4 cup (30g) contains 170 calories. For each serving, you get 13g total fat, 3.5g from saturated fat, 9g protein, 3g fiber and 1g sugars.

Costco PARM Crisps Ranch Snack Mix 20 Ounce Bag Price: $14.59

Costco Item#1496178

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