Showertek LED Booklight 2 PK with AAA Batteries

Updated on 7/6/2017. Showertek LED Booklight 2 PK with AAA Batteries is back store now with a new Costco Item#1141477. The price is the sane as last year.

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Enjoy reading in the dark without disturbing others with this Ultra Bright LED Book Light. The flexible neck lets you adjust to the perfect angle and amount of light needed, and it will stay in place once set. Great for home, travel, office and computer. The package includes 2 pack of LED book lights and 6 AAA batteries, each light requires 3 batteries.

Costco-1068225- Showertek-LED-Booklight-2PK

COB LED is super bright, it allows for a bright output of light than more traditional LEDs. It also produces a very diffused light pattern, which is excellent for reading. The COB LED panel is yellow color in appearance, however it produces beautiful white light.

Other features:

  • 3 light settings: Ultra, regular and low
  • Auto off: Turns light off automatically
  • Soft tough surface
  • Large clip
  • Wide Angle Illumination
  • 3 AAA Batteries included

Costco Showertek LED Booklight 2 PK with AAA Batteries Price: $12.99

Costco item#1068225

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