Meguiars Car Wash and Wax 1 Gallon

Wax while you wash your car with this Meguiars Car Wash and Wax. This wash and wax looks different from other products, because it is different!  That opaqueness in the forma? It is genuine carnauba wax. More than that though, Meguiars exclusive chemistry inserts that the wax stays on your car and not just washed away. So, you get great sudsing and carnauba wax protection all in one.

Costco-1136534-Meguiars- Car-Wash-and –Wax

Other features:

  • Rich suds condition paint
  • carnauba wax provides shine

Costco Meguiars Car Wash and Wax 1 Gallon Price: $13.99

Costco Item# 1136534

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