Mattel Minions Real Live Stuart Animatronic Figure

Minions Real Live Stuart is an interactive toy that brings the lovable and subversive Stuart character to life with over 30 animations and more than 200 sounds! Inspired by Illumination’s iconic Minions, this toy has 4 different play modes: Bello, Fart Blaster, Kung Fu, and Banana! For age: 4+ Years.


Kids can interact with Stuart in Bello mode and enjoy music-themed animations and sounds, laugh at multiple animations and sounds in each mode.


  • Bop to the beat in Bello mode that includes music-themed animations and sounds.
  • Laugh at fart-themed animations and sounds in Fart Blaster mode.
  • Interact with Stuart to break a board in Kung Fu mode.
  • Play along with 3 different banana-themed games in Banana mode, including Hungry Banana, Banana Target, and Hot Banana.
  • At approximately 8-in / 20-cm tall, this interactive figure responds to a child’s squeeze, press, pull, or tap with animations and sounds!

Costco Mattel Minions Real Live Stuart Animatronic Figure Price: $29.97

Costco Item#1536137

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