Kinder’s Organic BBQ Sauce 2/30 Ounce Bottles

Costco cuts $20 off on Kinder’s Organic BBQ Sauce 2/30 Ounce Bottles now, dropping the price to $5.99, the price is valid through 6/12/2022.

Kinder’s has been creating bold, authentic and satisfying flavors since 1946. Three generations of traditional smoky-sweet creations made Kinder’s Organic Mild a neighborhood favorite and now has a loyal following from across the United States. Their signature sauce is an addictive sweet-smoky blend of perfectly balanced spices.


Kinder’s Organic Mild certified organic with no high fructose corn syrup, gluten or other preservatives like MSG. Organic sweet-from-the-vine tomatoes and all natural hickory smokiness blend together in this addictive sauce that is perfect for dipping, marinating or basting. Perfect on any meat, from burgers, to brisket, pork, ribs or for smoking meats, become a home chef and put a twist on classic favorites.

Nutrition facts:

Per serving size: 2 Tbsp (34g) contains 60 calories, 0 from fat. For each serving, you get 0g total fat, 0g from Saturated fat, 280 mg sodium, 0g protein and 13g sugars.

Costco Kinder’s Organic BBQ Sauce 2/30 Ounce Bottles Price: $5.99 after $2 Instant Savings, valid through 6/12/2022.

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