HOMAI Calrose Rice 25 Pound Bag

Medium Grain is a perfect when slightly stickier rice is required, such as in Japanese or Korean dishes, Spanish Paella or risotto or try it plain as a great accompaniment to any meal. HOMAI California Calrose Rice is premium Sushi rice that grown only in the US. It is medium grain with extra fancy.


HOMAI California Calrose Rice is new crop, naturally fragrant white rice. Perfect in all kinds of recipes and Asian or Indian dishes.

Nutrition Facts:

For each serving (1/4 cup , 45g), it contains 155 calories,  0 calories from fat,  0 fiber, 35g total carbohydrate and 3g protein.

Costco HOMAI Calrose Rice 25 Pound Bag Price: $11.49

Costco item#207

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  1. Can I use this for sushi?

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