FoodSaver FM2100 Vacuum Sealer

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Costco Item# 904775

FoodSaver FM2100 Vacuum Sealer comes in with

  • 1 Heat-Seal Roll (11 in. x 10 ft)
  • 2 Vacuum Zipper Bags (Quart)
  • 3 Heat-Seal Pre-Cut Bags (Quart)
  • 2 Heat-Seal Pre-Cut Bags (Gallon)
  • 1 Handheld Adaptor

You can check out Costco’s website for the instructions on how to use this product, you should find this food saver is very simple to use and understand after viewing videos there. The FoodSaver FM2100 Vacuum Sealing System keeps food fresh longer by evacuating air and sealing properly. The brand new technology has been used to minimizes bag material used. Following please find the food storage comparison table, based on the following data, FoodSaver Vacuum keeps food fresh up to 5x longer.

Food Storage Comparison

FREEZEROrdinary StorageFoodSaver System
Beef, Game & Poultry6 months2-3 years
Fish6 months2 years
Soups & Stews3-6 months1-2 years
Coffee Beans6-9 months2-3 years
Vegetables8 months2-3 years
Bread6-12 months1-3 years
REFRIGERATOROrdinary StorageFoodSaver System
Cheese1-2 weeks4-8 months
Lettuce3-6 days2 weeks
Berries1-6 days1-2 weeks
PANTRYOrdinary StorageFoodSaver System
Flour & Sugar6 months1-2 years
Rice & Pasta6 months1-2 years
Cookies1-2 weeks3-6 weeks