Fitbit ALTA Activity Tracker

Fitbit Alta Activity Tracker is a smart fitness band that can track your activity throughout the day including steps, distance, calories burned and more. To help you stay active, it also provides you with friendly reminders to move when you remain stationary too long. Fitbit Alta Activity can help you develop better sleeping habits since it automatically monitors your sleep trends. It automatically tracks how long you’ve slept as well as how well you’ve slept so you can get on a better routine. Costco has both large and small bands available, the price is $127.99.


Compared to Fitbit Flex Activity Tracker (selling at $99.95),  Fitbit Alta Activity Tracker adds clock to the band, it helps you stay connected with an extra notifications:caller ID. (when phone is nearby). None of them provides continuous heart rate monitor, while Fitbit Charge HR Bundle Activity Tracker monitor heart rate automatically and continuously (selling at $138.69).

Other features:

  • Includes bonus band
  • Syncs via Bluetooth to most cell phone
  • Water resistant
  • OLED display call, text and calendar notification

Costco Fitbit ALTA Activity Tracker Price: $127.99

Costco item#: 1060231

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