Duracell 1500 Lumen Flashlight

Costco cuts $5 off on Duracell 1050 Lumen Flashlight now, dropping the price to $14.99, the deal ends on 03/26/2019. This Duracell 1500 Lumen Flashlight has a comfortable knurled aluminum grip for easy handling and a protective rubber casing that covers the bezel and end cap. It also features a power switch that kills battery “drain” when placed in the off position to provide longer battery life.


Other features:

  • No Battery drain in off position
  • Durable Polynesian exterior
  • 4 Beam settings

Costco Duracell 1500 Lumen Flashlight Price: $14.99 after $5 instant savings, valid through 3/26/2019

Costco Item#1900545

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