DON Miguel Mini Chicken Tacos 72 Count Box

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Savory chicken and velvety cheese hugged in a corn tortilla, a great way to spice up parties, get-togethers and snack time. DON Miguel Mini Chicken Tacos are made with authentic ingredient and bring to you are the tastes of Southwest and Mexico.


They are white meat chicken, two Mexican-style cheeses, salsa & roasted corn in a crispy core tortilla.

Nutrition facts: Per serving size 4 Mini Tacos (79g) contains 170 calories, 45 from fat. 5g total fat, 21g total carbohydrate, 2g fiber, 1g sugars and 9g protein.

Costco DON Miguel Mini Chicken Tacos 72 Count Box Price: $9.99

Costco Item#1048300

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