Contadina Tomatoes Paste 111 Ounce Can

Since 1918, Contadina Italian recipes have helped customers develop authentic Italian dishes. Contadina Tomato Paste helps give your sauces a thicker and richer consistency. Tomato Paste is concentrated from the juice of mature, red ripe tomatoes. It is a solidly controlled hot-break type product. The vine-ripened roman style tomatoes are grown to a rich red color and picked at the peak of freshness. This product contains NONE BPA and is free from GMOs.


Nutrition facts:

Per serving size 2 Tbsp (33g) contains 30 calories, 0 from fat, 0 total fat, 20 mg sodium(1% of DV), 1 fiber, 3g sugars and 2g protein.

Costco Contadina Tomatoes Paste 111 Ounce Can Price: $4.39

Costco Item# 697979

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