COHO 55 QT ROTO-Molded Cooler

Not only have a strong insulation to keep cold, but also have more durable latches, more unique features and exquisite design, this COHO 55 QT ROTO-Molded Cooler is perfect for extended camping trips, fishing, or as a beach cooler. Pack beverages, water, lunch, and extra ice inside.


Heavy-duty insulation and a foamed lid, the interior keeps ice frozen for up to five days at 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This COHO cooler works well in all-terrain, including sand and more rugged outdoor locations. It can hold up to 39 cans, 55 QT of ice, beverages, food, ice packs, and other content.

Key features:

  • Ultratherm Insulation and Hard Heavy Duty Siding
  • Rotomolded Construction
  • Portable
  • BPA free

Costco COHO 55 QT ROTO-Molded Cooler Price: $129.99

Costco Item#1319057

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