Clorox Pool & Spa Xtra Blue Shock 24-pack

Updated on 05/22/2018. Costco offers $10 off on this item, dropping the price to $54.99, price is valid from May 23, 2018 through June 17, 2018. Costco Coupon Book: May 23 –  June 17, 2018

Enjoying your beautiful pool just got easier with the power of Clorox Pool & Spa Xtra Blue Shock. It goes above and beyond with its six-in-one formula including algae-killing crystals that kills and controls green, black and mustard algae, bacteria. The box contains 24 1-pound bags and sells for $64.99 at Costco.


Shock Xtra Blue doesn’t impact pH and is fast dissolving so you can swim in as little as 15 minutes.

Other features:

  • Clear cloudy water and removes swimmer contaminants
  • Reduces chlorine odor
  • Improves filter performance
  • 1-pound Bag Treats 12,000 Gallons of Water

Costco Clorox Pool & Spa Xtra Blue Shock  24-pack Price: $64.99

Costco item# 1026414

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