Chillafish BMXIE-RS Balance Bike

This BMXie balance bike doesn’t compromise: a real BMX-styled bicycle frame, oversized tubing but extremely lightweight. Most balance bikes just don’t quite look or feel like a real bicycle. This one does. From its fiberglass-reinforced frame and handlebars to its real rubber tires. Little ones will feel like true BMX heroes the moment they climb onto this fast-rolling adventure


Super-duper cool design, adjustable seat without tools and a removable footrest.

Other features:

  • Seat adjustable without tools from 32cm to 39cm (12.6in to 15.4in)
  • Footrest is detachable and can be stowed away
  • Includes decal set for cool customization
  • Front number plate detachable
  • Airless rubberskin tires-great frip, no pump
  • Carry-friendly weight and ergonomics
  • High-quality reinforced plastic

Costco Chillafish BMXIE-RS Balance Bike Price: $49.99

Costco Item# 1085439

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