Fluid Luxury Dipped Pool Noodle

This Fluid Luxury Dipped Pool Noodle has the ribbed texture with soft foam for extra grip and non-slip which makes floating comfortable and easy plus conforms to the body, ideal for noodle races, floatation and relaxation, and aquatic exercise. Costco has it selling at $17.99. The same item sells $38.65 plus $5.99 shipping at Amazon, that is more than doubled […]

Spalding Basketball

Spalding basketball has been entrusted as the official basketball by the world’s premier basketball leagues. This Spalding NBA branded Basketball is designed with premium composite leather cover for the premier play. Costco sells it at $19.99, which is $10 cheaper than it at Amazon.  Made with Zi/O tournament material, this Spalding Basketball has the following features: […]

Tommy Bahama 7’ Round Beach Umbrella

Updated on 2/13/2018. Costco has this item at store with a new Costco item #1650034. The price is the same as before.   Just spotted these beautiful and colorful Tommy Bahama 7 ft Round Beach Umbrellas selling $22.99 at Costco. It’s ideal for getting some shade at the beach or for a summer party at your backyard as […]

Teeter 800IA Inversion Table

It you are looking for something that can help temporarily relieve back pain in just minutes at home, then this Teeter 800IA Inversion Table is one option you should consider. Costco has it selling at $289.99, the same item sells $449 at Amazon.  According to majority reviews, Teeter inversion table is very helpful on relieving back pain by […]

Fitbit Charge HR Bundle Activity Tracker

Same as Fitbit Flex + 2 Bands Activity Tracker, Fitbit Charge HR Bundle Activity Tracker is one of the most popular activity trackers for tracking day and night activities. It’s the #1 best seller in Amazon’s Fitness Technology category and received 3.9 out of 5 stars from over 16,000 reviewers. In addition to the tracking and wirelessly syncing functionality […]

Fitbit Flex + 2 Bands Activity Tracker

Wow! Costco is selling Fitbit Activity Tracker now! Fitbit is the #1 best seller in Amazon’s Pedometers category, it’s the most popular activity tracker on the market. Millions of users have been using it to track their day and night activities. Costco offers Fitbit activity tracker with 2 extra colorful bands for $97.99. You can find this item […]

Costco Trampolines (from JumpSport)

JumpSport is one of the most famous rebounder brands for fitness and FUN. Exercising on a Trampolines has become more and more popular due to its convenience(you can do it when and where you want) and a low impact workout is good to both heart and lymph system, also it’s fun and invigorating. Unlike running on a road or treadmill […]