Callaway Hex Tour Soft Golf Ball 24PK

For golfers who are looking for golf ball with more distance and more spin and control around the green. Callaway Hex Tour Soft Golf Ball are here. They are longer from the tee to the green while reducing the spin that causes hooks and slices, so can you hit it straighter. Costco has $5 off now, dropping the price to $24.99 for 24PK.


With great core technology, these Soft Golf Ball leads to longer, straighter shots especially of the driver and a soft cover for feel and consistent performance on your irons and wedges, this ball is going to help you play well from tee-to-green.

Other features:

  • HEX Tour Soft is Engineered with Multi-Material, Multi-Layer Technology that Improves Spin Separation
  • Improved Ionomer Cover Creates Green-Grabbing Control

Costco Callaway Hex Tour Soft Golf Ball 24PK Price: $24.99 after $5 instant savings, valid through 07/07/2019

Costco Item# 1284674

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