C-Weed Bugak Chips 5.29 Ounce Bag

Made with natural korean weed and coated with glutinous rice, these C-weed Korean Crunchy & Crispy Roasted Seaweed Bugak Chips combine sweet & salty flavor. You’d be surprised at how amazing these taste.

Costco-1344120- C-Weed-Bugak-Chips

Dry the product for about 15 hours for optimal taste and texture, and add a touch of seasoning.

Nutrition facts:

Per serving size (1/5 package, about 10g) contains 50 calorie. Each serving, you get 3g total fat (4% of Daily Value), 2g protein, less than 1g sugars and 1g fiber.

Costco C-Weed Bugak Chips 5.29 Ounce Bag Price: $10.49

Costco Item#1344120

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