Black Creek Cheddar with Parm Notes 24 Ounce Package

Black Creek Cheddar Cheese with Parmesan Notes is award-winning. This Black Creek Cheddar Cheese with Parmesan Notes is a smooth, creamy Cheddar cheese carefully blended with deliciously subtle notes of nutty Parmesan to create mouthwatering matrimony.


The mix of Cheddar and Parmesan flavors makes this cheese perfect for flavorful grilled cheese sandwiches, rich macaroni and cheeses and decadent cheese boards. Pair it with fruity whites and reds or Ales to enhance the complex flavors of this dynamic blend.

Nutrition Facts:

Per serving size (1oz/28g) contains 110 calories. For each serving, you get 9g total fat, 6g from Saturated fat, 7g of protein.

Costco Black Creek Cheddar with Parm Notes 24 Ounce Package Price: $5.89 per Package

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