BAHN PIA Hopia Cake 16.8 OZ Bag

TAN HUE VIEN Brand PIA CAKE Lava Custard – Mung Bean with Premium Salted Egg Yolk. Each pack has 12 individually wrapped Pia cake with 40g each.



  • Running Salted Egg custard filling
  • Thin Crispy Layer
  • Product of Vietnam

Nutrition facts:

Per serving (1 cake) contains 120 calories. For each serving, you get 4.5g total fat (6% of Daily Value) including 2.0g Saturated fat, 2g of protein and 11g sugar.

Costco BAHN PIA Hopia Cake 16.8 OZ Bag Price: $4.89

Costco Item#1467074

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