Anchor Hocking 1-Quart Canning Jars

Use this Anchor Hocking Regular 1-qt Glass Jar to store different items or liquids. It comes in a 12-pack to meet your needs. The glass jar pack is ideal for food storage or for adding to the rest of your arts and crafts supplies.


They can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher and used over and over again. The clear design makes it easy for you to see what is in each one. Use them to store your homemade jams and jelly or to organize your smaller tool pieces. The lightweight design makes each of them easy to handle and carry.

Key features:

  • Clear side wall body
  • Metal lids are hand-wash only

Costco Anchor Hocking 1-Quart Canning Jars Price: $14.99

Costco Item#1532051

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