A.I. Steak Sauce 2/15 Ounce Bottles

Trust A1 steak sauce to spice up your plate, no matter what you make! This versatile, popular sauce offers quality flavor and brand recognition every time it’s served. The package comes with 2 bottles of 15 oz A.I. steak sauce. Costco has it selling at $5.69.


It’s made with a classic blend of tomatoes, spices, vinegar, seasonings, and raisin paste to make up its rich brown color and slightly tangy taste. Pour this sauce over juicy steaks prepared to perfection or use it to season tender chicken and pork dishes. It can even be used to add a dash of bold flavor to your signature dips and marinades.

Nutrition Facts:

Per serving size 1 TBSP (17g) contains 15 Calories, 0 from Fat. 280mg Sodium (12% DV), 2g sugars and 0g Protein.

A.I. Steak Sauce 2/15 Ounce Bottles Price: $5.69

Compared to $10.58 at Amazon

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