Dave Dark Assorted Chocolates 34 Ounce Bag

These silky smooth Dave Dark Assorted Chocolates are packed in a 34 ounce bag and come with 3 flavor assortment: Sea Salt Caramel & Dark Chocolates, Dark Chocolate Crisp and Dark Chocolate. Nutrition Facts: Per serving size (5 pieces, 40g), it contains 200 -210 calories.  For each serving, you get 100 – 120 g total fat, 2g of protein and […]

Nestle Skinny Cow Assorted Chocolate Singles

Costco cuts $4 on Nestle Skinny Cow Assorted Chocolate Singles now which brings the price down to $9.99. It comes in 32 counts in a box, including 14 pouches of luscious filled bites with chocolate truffle flavors and 18 pouches of divine filled chocolates. It’s perfect for a bite size snack to satisfy your hunger. Luscious filled bites are […]

Godiva Belgian Assorted Chocolates 13.4 Ounces - Valentine's Day Gift Idea

Chocolates have become as synonymous with Valentine’s Day as flowers, they are a match made in heaven! Here comes another beautifully packaged Belgian Assorted Chocolates by Godiva, a famous manufacturer of premium chocolates since 1926. Costco sells it at $19.99, compare to $31.99 at Amazon.com. . The box contains 30 pieces of assorted chocolates. This assortment includes: Milk Chocolate […]