RW Garcia 3 SEED Sweet Potato Crackers 2/15 Oz

RW Garcia 3 SEED Sweet Potato Crackers will delight your taste buds! Naturally sweet, North Carolina Beauregard Sweet Potatoes are combined with a trio of seeds and stone ground corn to make a delicious, crunchy, gluten free cracker.


All natural, nothing artificial Only non-GMO ingredients are used in these seed and herb infused crackers. Each cracker contains 3 Seeds: Flaxseed, Sesame & Chia with Sweet Potato Flavor. Great with any dip, combined all the wonderful ingredients you long for in a delicious snack. The package contains 2 x 15 oz bags.

Nutrition facts:

Per serving size 1 oz. about 16 crackers contains 140 calories, 60 from fat, 7g total fat, 50mg sodium(2% of DV) ,  2g fiber, 2g sugars and 2g protein.

Costco RW Garcia 3 SEED Sweet Potato Crackers 2/15 Oz Price: $7.49

Compared to $12.99 at Amazon (as of Jan 10, 2017 @ 18:01 GMT, Details)

Costco item#905242, UPC# 036593031213

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