Kirkland Signature Pure Sea Salt 30 Ounce Container

30 oz in a glass bottle, this large quantity of pure sea salt is selling for only $2.79 at Costco, unbeatable price! Harvested from the pristine waters of Brazil’s northern coast. Kirkland Signature Pure Sea Salt is 100% natural. It is great on steaks, fish, and chicken. Ingredients: natural sea salt, does not supply Iodide […]

Bestway Tiki Breeze Floating Island

Update on 4/5/2017. Costco has Bestway Blue Caribbean Floating Island at store now with a new Costco item#1099151.The price is $99.99, which is $50 cheaper than Bestway Tiki Breeze Floating Island at last year.   With inflated dimensions of 13.58′ x 10.8′,  this is a huge floating island that can accommodate 7 persons, allowing you to […]

Delsey Traversee Carry-On

Only 3.9 lbs, this is the lightest carry-on we’ve ever seen! Delsey Traversee Carry-On is as light as a textbook, if you’re looking for a durable and absolute lightweight luggage for your frequent travel. This is definitely one of the options you should consider. Lift it to feel it. Delsey Traversee Carry-On was crafted from durable ballistic nylon which […]

Kraft Easy Mac Cups 12/2.05 Ounce Cups

Provide your family with a delicious and filling snack or side dish with Kraft Easy Mac Cups. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Micro Cups are delicious and  ideal for school or work lunches and are ready in less than four minutes for your convenience. Features include: Original mac & cheese 2.05 oz/each Original microwave cup Microwave […]

Kirkland Signature Mediterranean Sea Salt 13 Ounce Grinder

Kirkland signature Mediterranean Sea salt grinder is disposable and adjustable grinder. The finest restaurants and chefs worldwide prefer Mediterranean Sea salt for its distinctive quality. This Kirkland signature product is guaranteed to meet or exceed the quality standards of the leading national brands. Nutrition facts: Per serving size ¼ teaspoon  (1.2g) contains 0 calories, 0 […]

Royal Organic Sona Masoori Rice 20 Pound Bag

Product of India, Royal Sona Masoori Organic Rice is popular in southern regions of India. This rice is shorter and fatter than others Indian rice, making it lightweight and aromatic. USDA certified organic, Organic Sona Masoori Rice is high quality rice for everyday use. Nutrition Facts: For each serving (1/4 cup , 45g), it contains 150 calories,  0 calories from […]

Golden Grill Russets Hashbrown Potatoes 8/4.2 Ounce Boxes

Golden Grill Russets Hashbrown Potatoes is gluten free and made with 100% real potatoes that are washed, peeled, and shredded into hearty pieces. It is fully dehydrated for easy store: refrigerate only after cartoon was used. The package includes 8 cartons with 4.2 ounce each carton, good for 56 servings. It’s very simple to prepare in carton – […]

Famous AMOS Chocolate chip cookies 42 Count Box

Famous Amos, America’s classic chocolate chip cookies are kosher certified and has no trans fat. The box contains 42 count individually wrapped packages and each bag is 2 oz of weight with several delicious hard, crispy cookies inside. Savor yourself in the bite size mini cookies or put them in your kids’ lunch boxes for a special afternoon treat. Nutrition […]