Feit Electric LED 4” Retrofit Kit Dimmable 2 Pack

Besides Felt Electric LED 5-6” Retrofit Kit Dimmable, which we introduced before, Costco carries Feit Electric LED 4” Retrofit Kit Dimmable as well. This 4 inch Retrofit dimmable LED is a true 50W replacement while uses only 9 watts, that is up to 82% less energy usage compared to incandescent and halogen bulbs. They are […]

Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries, 10 Pack for AA or 12 Pack for AAA

There are two packages of Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries available at Costco. One comes with 10 pack of AA batteries and the other package includes 12 pack of AAA batteries. These batteries are pre-charged and ready to use, great for game controller, remote control, keyboard & mouse, flashlights and more. Eneloop batteries utilize Panasonic’s advanced rechargeable […]

Feit Electric LED 100W Replacement Daylight 10 Pack

This high powered 15W Omni Directional A LED bulb is a replacement for 100W incandescent bulb. It uses only 15 watts which consumes 84% less energy than incandescent bulbs. This bulb has CRI of 80 and daylight 5000K color for great color rendering. They can be used in table lamps, ceiling fixtures, ceiling fans and lanterns.  Suitable […]

Anderson Industries 50FT Outdoor Extension Cords 2 PK, Model#74050PK2V2

Costco has 2 packs of 50 feet extension cords by Anderson Industries selling at $33.99, great value! These are 12/3 SJTW with “power-on” outdoor lighted extension cords. SJTW stands for hard service cord, thermoplastic constructed jacket, 300 volt, weather resistant for outdoor use. S = service, J = Junior, T = Thermoplastic/Vinyl, W-A = Weather Approved. […]

Paradise Solar LED Accent Lights 4 PK

The Paradise 4 Pack Solar Powered LED Accent Lights are dual functioning solar lights. They are ideal for illuminating fences, decks, and walls as well as adding security by providing light in dark areas around the exterior of your home. There are 2 light sources per light. One is 5 Lumens LED downlighting and another is […]

GE LED CoverLites 3PK

Th GE LED CoverLites is a wise purchase for practical and decorative lighting. The package includes 3 coverlite night lights. These long-life LEDs are energy efficient with no bulbs to replace, Use it in a hallway to light a safe path at night so that family members can find their way in the dark. It […]

X-Rocker X-Pro Bluetooth Pedestal Gaming Chair

You can watch TV and play your favorite video games in style with this X-Rocker X-Pro Bluetooth Pedestal Gaming Chair. It is a popular piece of furniture for serious gamers. The chair is compatible with PS2, PS3, PS4, Wii, XBox 360, PSP, Nintendo DS, iPad, iphone, MP3 players, TV, VCR and most gaming devices via […]

7 Light LED Chandelier by Design Solutions International Inc.

This 7 Light LED Chandelier by Design Solutions International Inc. is beautifully crafted in a restoration look of yesteryear. Effervescent Bubble glass balls are placed on rods of bronze and faux wood finish, its traditional design will provide a great design touch to any room. Features include: Bronze and faux wood finish Adjustable height up […]

Guitar Hero Live PS4

Guitar Hero Live PS4 is an all-new value bundle with Guitar Hero Live software, it comes with 2 guitar controllers, and GHTV Bonus Content. Instead of 5 buttons in the old games, this Guitar Hero Live PS4 offers 6 buttons which could be a challenging learning process for many veteran players. The new GHTV allows […]

Duracell Flashlight 350 Lumens 4 Pack

In addition to Duracell 3-pack LED Flashlight 350 Lumens, Costco carries Duracell Flashlight 350 Lumens 4 Pack as well, selling at $19.99. Its compact design makes it ideal for home, car, outdoors and emergencies. Durabeam Ultra LED High density flashlights designed to hold 4 AAA batteries which are included in the package.  The flashlight’s output […]